Watauga River in Valle Crucis, NC!

Here we are on the banks of the Watauga River in downtown Valle Crucis. It doesn’t get much prettier or more pristine than this. On one of the coldest recent days in the high country, the beauty abounds. The Watauga River resounds on its gurgling way to the Mast General Store. A one inch skiff of snow graces the ground. The brilliant sunshine reminds me we’re in the south but the air and crystal clear river tells me we’re in the mountains. Picturesque defines the high country and today is no different. If you revel in the beauty of nature come see us in Boone, North Carolina!



About Bob de Camara

I've been an aficionado of the high country since arriving from Chicago 20 years ago. The beauty blossoms in the contrast! Second only to my affection for the mountains is my enjoyment of sharing their magic with friends.

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