Good morning from the High Country. Hope this helps you start your morning off right

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Good morning from the High Country. Hope this helps you start your morning off right
Good morning from the High Country. Hope this helps you start your morning off right #tranquility #boonenc #boone #boonerealestate #waterfalls

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Waterfalls – Gragg Prong in Mid-May


Matt and I took a nice hike this morning down to Gragg Prong Falls down below the Blue Ridge Parkway below Linville.  It was majestic with the sun rising projecting slanting, golden light on the time-smoothed, granite slabs surrounding this water hole.  There’s nothing like spending a morning in the mountains in May!

Wilson Creek – Waterfalls Near Boone, NC

Spring is in the offing in the High Country!  A few days ago I went down to the Edgemont area just below Hwy 221 south of Blowing Rock.  Once you drop down below the escarpment you will find massive creeks and mountain streams flowing all the way down to Lake James.  Here are a few photos of Wilson Creek!




Waterfall at Black Fork

Spring has finally arrived!  Here’s a shot of a massive waterfall near the Linville Gorge.  So impressive!!  Once you start exploring the High Country you’ll want to live here.  Boone and the surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see!

25ft Waterfall at Black Fork

25ft Waterfall at Black Fork

Frozen Waterfall in Blowing Rock

It’s amazing  what you can see just driving around the high country. This waterfall is right off Highway 221 south probably 6 or 7 miles from Blowing Rock.  Next time you’re in the area do yourself a favor and drive down 221s (which parallels the parkway). You’ll be glad you did!

Waterfall Outside of Blowing Rock, NC

Got Waterfalls?

Blowing Rock is known for it’s high concentration of waterfalls.  If you hike anywhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway you’ll be sure to find breathtaking waterfalls like the one above.  This is a great place to live!

Boone Weather

Property in Boone NC

After a long week of work, I love nothing more than going out and enjoying the mountains.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago on Easter day, way down in the Lost Creek development, off of 221 south of Blowing Rock.  The mountains of North Carolina are so exquisite.  This picture doesn’t do any justice to how magnificent these falls really are.   Sometimes it’s hard not to take it for granted.  Being surrounded by constant beauty and ever changing weather is a way of life in Boone.

Just yesterday I awoke to a brilliant blue sky.  By noon, it clouded up and the winds started howling at 20+ miles per hour.  Just an hour later the wind died off and the sun came out.  Well, that didn’t last…  By 3:00pm, the winds picked up again and it started snowing!  I couldn’t believe it!  There’s an expression people have in Boone that says “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”.  This statement couldn’t be more true!  This is just one aspect of high country living that I cherish.  The constant change of the atmosphere is so unique, unlike any other place I’ve lived.  If you’re looking for a rich mountain experience, come see us at Boone Real Estate.

Blowing Rock Waterfalls

Little Wilson Creek, Boone NC

I took this photo over the weekend at a little climbing spot called “Little Wilson”.  This creek tumbles down the side of the mountain, right off Hwy 221, south of Blowing Rock, NC.  Blowing Rock is a beautiful place.  Search for your special piece of Blowing Rock real estate right here on our site.  Looking forward to the weekend!

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