Photos of the Snow Storm in Boone, NC


A sleepy Boone, NC on the morning of a big snow.

I woke up this morning to take a couple of photos of the big snow storm that came in overnight.  The photo above was taken at dawn on King St, downtown Boone, NC.  I wanted to capture the snow and the beauty of this sleepy mountain town.  When people think of Boone, a lot of people think of our historic downtown – Mast General Store, Our Daily Bread, Melanies…

Snow storms like this are one of the many reasons we love the High Country!





Let it snow!

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Let it snow!
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Big Snow in Boone, NC!

Yesterday we had the biggest snow of the season with a range of probably 4-8 inches in the High Country! It’s always a treat to get a big snow and it’s an even bigger treat to go out and play in it! The four seasons are one reason folks like living here and winter is no exception. While it doesn’t look like we’ll get anymore snow this week, the temperature will take a dive and we’ll dip below 0 degrees in the next day or two. Yikes!! This weather is great for the skiing so if you’re thinking about making a trip, come on up this weekend for great conditions and enjoy the most snow of the season!

Highway 321 Covered with Snow last night!

Highway 321 Covered with Snow last night!

At 5,000 ft the snow was really coming down!

At 5,000 ft the snow was really coming down!

Lost Province Brewery in the Snow

Lost Province Brewery in the Snow

Cars Driving to Boone from Blowing Rock

Cars Driving to Boone from Blowing Rock

Everybody is getting off early and heading home!

Everybody is getting off early and heading home!

Picture of the Snowfall Today


Perfect snow day in Boone, NC

I think Log Cabins look the best in the snow!  Here’s a photo I took right out my front door this morning.  It snowed 8-9 inches in Blowing Rock in roughly 15 hours.  I love lounging next to the wood stove with a fresh blanket of snow covering the ground outside.  Perfect day in the High Country.

Joel Selling Real Estate in the Snow!

Joel Farthing on the phone selling property in the snow!

Joel Farthing on the phone selling property in the snow!

Here Joel Farthing is talking on the phone selling real estate in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Boone, NC! If you want to buy a beautiful mountain property give him a call at (828) 773-3384. Not a bad view from the mobile office!  We love the High Country!

Snow Update: Big Snow in Boone, NC

Tonight we are expecting the largest amount of snow Boone has received in several years. In anticipation of the harsh weather to come, grocery shelves have been cleared, though snow has hardly accumulated with the sun in the sky. Now, settled in by the cozy wood stove, we wait to see what nature has planned for the evening. The snow is falling faster, with little wind to alter its path. Awaiting the forecasted 6-10+ inches, I will hunker down with the rest of Boone, enjoying a taste of winter, at last.

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Showing in the Snow

Showing Echota Condos in the Snow

Showing Echota Condos in the Snow

One of the coolest parts of my job is being out in the elements every season, every year.  Here I am in Echota showing condos in the snow.  We were the only ones around and I remember how calm and serene the scenery was.  It was a very fun day showing condos in Boone, NC!

Click this link to see all Echota Condos for sale.

Searching for Property in the Snow – Echota

Wayne feeling like a kid again watching the snow fall in Echota

Wayne feeling like a kid again watching the snow fall in Echota

Tuesday was one of those surreal days we get while showing property.  We were out looking at log cabins in the Boone/Valle Crucis area and then transitioned to rustic condos and townhomes.  It started to snow when we left the office in the morning and it just kept coming down!  BIG snowflakes floated down so elegantly and covered everything with such beauty.  There was something pure about showing properties while it was snowing and being the only ones in sight.  I haven’t had that much fun showing property in some time!

If you’re looking for property in the Echota communities, check out our Echota page to find everything you need.

Watauga River in Valle Crucis, NC!

Here we are on the banks of the Watauga River in downtown Valle Crucis. It doesn’t get much prettier or more pristine than this. On one of the coldest recent days in the high country, the beauty abounds. The Watauga River resounds on its gurgling way to the Mast General Store. A one inch skiff of snow graces the ground. The brilliant sunshine reminds me we’re in the south but the air and crystal clear river tells me we’re in the mountains. Picturesque defines the high country and today is no different. If you revel in the beauty of nature come see us in Boone, North Carolina!



Snowy Night in Boone, NC

Gotta get home!

Gotta get home!

At Boone Real Estate, it’s an adventure everyday! Today we woke up to sunny skies and this evening we venture home in treacherous road conditions. There’s never a dull moment in the mountains of Boone, NC. Come on up this weekend and enjoy a winter wonderland!

ZERO Degrees in Blowing Rock, NC!


Zero degrees in Blowing Rock, NC

It’s a cold one out there today…cold enough to freeze your nose hairs!  Nonetheless, we still had to get out for some fresh air and to check the scenery.  Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the simple things in life, but on days like this, it’s hard to miss the simple and serene beauty of Boone, North Carolina.  We love it here and so will you.

Snowman in Echota!

Echota Snowman

Echota Snowman

It’s a busy weekend in Echota for the extended New Years weekend.  Here we have Frosty (the Echota snowman) who plans to stay around for a while.  The cold front continues this coming week with temps possibly hitting 0 degrees on Monday!  If you’re in Echota and interested in buying a condo there are some great deals out there.  Before considering buying a new condo in Chalakee you might want to consider your other, more equitable options.  Call Matt de Camara at (828) 773-4436 and I’ll find you the best condos in the High Country!

Browse all Echota Condos/Townhomes: Echota & Echota on the Ridge Resales

Snowy Day Before Thanksgiving

131127SnowyDayBooneNC-001The ski slopes must be loving this weather!  It’s brisk on the day before Thanksgiving – currently it’s 19 degrees outside with wind gusts up to 30 mph!  Should be a busy weeekend in the High Country.  Keep us in mind if you are looking for real estate in Boone or Blowing Rock, NC!

Snow in October!

Snowfall in OctoberHere it is Friday, October 25th and we woke up to some snow this morning!  It’s a little past peak season for leaves but it was still a beautiful site with the vibrant leaves mixed in with the snow.  If you’re heading to the High Country this weekend, make sure to bring your winter jackets!

Snow Covered Mountains in Matney, NC

Snow Covered Peaks in Matney, North Carolina

Snow Covered Peaks in Matney, North Carolina

Yesterday we got a chance to get out of the office for a day to look at a few listings.  Our 2nd stop was in Matney, NC which is a small community nestled in between Boone and Banner Elk.  It’s always a treat to take in these views as you wind through the mountain roads in Avery County.  You may be in the middle of nowhere but for people who like to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s perfect.

Another Condo Sold in Echota!

Another Condo in Echota by Boone Real Estate!

Another Condo SOLD in Echota by Boone Real Estate!

It’s a cold, snowy February 1st in Echota!  We sold this lower level Echota condo in just a few quick months.  Peaceful views on Peaceful Haven Dr!  It feels great to have sold this unit for our seller at a price he was comfortable with.  When it comes to Echota we know market value!

Blowing Rock Snowfall

Afternoon Snowfall in Blowing Rock, NC

Afternoon Snowfall in Blowing Rock, NC

I had to get home early and get the wood stove working for the big snow storm tonight!  We haven’t seen as much snow as we used to but it makes it that much better when it comes!

Here’s to a safe and warm 2013.  Happy New Years from Boone Real Estate.

Frankenstorm Hits Boone, NC

Frankenstorm will go down in history as an October to remember!  In Boone we have roughly 6 inches on the ground this morning and the snow’s still coming down.  In higher elevations our friends are snowed in with 8+ inches.  60mph winds will persist through Halloween with 80+ mph gusts on top of Grandfather Mountain.  Appalachian State University has cancelled all classes today 🙂

With some leaves remaining on the tress, this snow fall has taken everybody by surprise!  It’s a great day to stay in, snuggle up and enjoy a hot cup of coffee by the fire.  Stay warm out there!

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