10K Price Reduction on Riverstone Townhome!

551EliHartley7-001-reducedThis Riverstone Townhome is a great buy for anybody looking for like-new construction under 200K.  This condo has an incredible location bundled with an upscale, open floorplan.  Unlike most other condos/townhomes in this price range, this townhome has a attached one car garage!

Find more information on the details page for this Riverstone Townhome at 551 Eli Hartley Dr.

Cheapest Riverstone Condo on Eli Hartley Dr!

Eli Hartley Condo Boone, NC

At Boone Real Estate we know a deal when we see one.  The condo we listed above is the most attractively priced unit on Eli Hartley Drive. Currently there are 8 units for sale out of 24.  We have priced this condo to sell at $164,900.  Why pay more?  The Riverstone subdivision is a great area for students at Appalachian State University and Caldwell Community College alike.  If you want to invest in real estate while your kids are in school this is what you’re looking for.  Call Matt de Camara at 828-773-4436 to find out more.

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