Cold Morning on Tater Hill

taterhillnovemberview-1Today is probably the coldest day we’ve had this fall.  You can see that Beech Mountain has been blowing snow for the last few days and it’s sticking to the slopes!  This photo was taken on Tater Hill Rd looking southwest towards the the backside of Beech Mountain and Zionville.  Winter is coming soon!

Boone NC: Mountains with Character

The Appalachian Mountains were formed roughly 480 million years ago (wikipedia).  Needless to say, these mountains are old!  You can see the new growth as spring creeps up the blue ridge mountains.  It’s best if you can get to the top of a big mountain like Grandfather Mountain or Beech Mountain.  It’s just as breathtaking as the vibrant colors of fall in the high country.  If you haven’t seen this natural phenomenon yet, add it to your bucket list!

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