Stone Mountain, NC


Just west of Boone, North Carolina lies Stone Mountain.  It’s the border with Tennessee.  Isn’t it pretty on this spring morning!  I love waking up in these mountains. There’s always a beautiful breeze and the air smells so fresh and clean.  The scent of hardwoods is always in the air.  You’re never far from a beautiful view, a waterfall, trout fishintx a gaggle of turkeys, or a deer walking across the road.  Boone, North Carolina is truly a natural wonder.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but moving to Boone was the best decision I’ve ever made besides marrying Annette and having our five kids.

About Bob de Camara

I've been an aficionado of the high country since arriving from Chicago 20 years ago. The beauty blossoms in the contrast! Second only to my affection for the mountains is my enjoyment of sharing their magic with friends.

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