Snow Update: Big Snow in Boone, NC

Tonight we are expecting the largest amount of snow Boone has received in several years. In anticipation of the harsh weather to come, grocery shelves have been cleared, though snow has hardly accumulated with the sun in the sky. Now, settled in by the cozy wood stove, we wait to see what nature has planned for the evening. The snow is falling faster, with little wind to alter its path. Awaiting the forecasted 6-10+ inches, I will hunker down with the rest of Boone, enjoying a taste of winter, at last.

Guest Post by Sara





About Matt de Camara

I grew up in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. I'm a Realtor at Boone Real Estate and love every second of it. If I had the choice to live anywhere in the world it'd be right here in Boone, NC.

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