Rhododendron Ruckus!

One of the great joys of spring in the mountains is watching the parade of flowers blooming everywhere you go!  This week we went to one of our properties just down below the Blue Ridge Parkway and ran into the most smashing outburst of rhododendrons I’ve ever seen.  I just had to share a few of these exquisite flowers with you as their beauty is fleeting and may not be here next week.  This short window of beauty is a message itself – if we overlook the opportunity to truly appreciate and savor these fleeting moments of grandeur in the high country – we’ll miss them for a whole nother year.  And if learn to respond to these messengers of magnificence in the mountains, we’ll be better attuned to the rhythm of the Earth, nature and probably life itself.  Maintaining a margin in our day to catch the spring flowers and observe their delicate aspects, the beautiful bees who make a life in them and we’re perhaps more able to make time in our lives for the flowers blooming in our relationships.  Sometimes we miss the main event by being busy.  The mountains do their best to slow us down and insert peace and harmony back in our lives.  Take a look at these wonderful blooms below and see if you aren’t tempted to hop in the car and drive up to Boone, NC to catch our rhododendrons in their fully glory.  Come with a friend, your son or daughter and spend a day driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in search of gorgeous flowers blooming and who knows what you’ll discover.  Come to Boone, NC and revel in the wonders of nature and life itself!


About Matt de Camara

I grew up in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. I'm a Realtor at Boone Real Estate and love every second of it. If I had the choice to live anywhere in the world it'd be right here in Boone, NC.

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