Massive Sycamore Upturned by Floodwaters near Boone, NC


Here is a beautiful old sycamore tree upturned near the Holston River outside of Damascus ,Virginia. Look at the massive root system on the tree and just how tall and wide it is. It’s a reminder how even the tallest and strongest are subject to the vicissitudes of nature. For me it touches on mortality and the human condition and why we should treasure each and every day of life for the precious gift that it is. And that’s why twenty years ago we made the decision as a family with five small children to move to the high country for the quality of life. And each day that I awaken to the fresh forest fragrance of the Blue Ridge Mountains I am grateful for the gift of living in Boone, NC!

About Bob de Camara

I've been an aficionado of the high country since arriving from Chicago 20 years ago. The beauty blossoms in the contrast! Second only to my affection for the mountains is my enjoyment of sharing their magic with friends.

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