How I Sell Real Estate in Boone, NC on my Birthday…

This was a great day on June 10th relaxing on the patio on Sharon’s Farm with Aiden, the cat on my lap, Alex the dog at my feet, quietly enjoying the mountain breezes and moments of my birthday.  Here I’m on the phone with one of my three daughters and two sons who all called with salutations or condolences.  I had a few calls from clients in between naps as well which were of course welcome.  I turned 59 this year and as I approach sixty it’s not often but important to take stock and reflect on the meaning and enjoyment of one’s life.  I have to conclude how lucky I am to have the life I have, the woman I love, my friends and family and my clients who enable me to the enjoy all of these blessings.  Life is good and it is good to be alive!

About Bob de Camara

I've been an aficionado of the high country since arriving from Chicago 20 years ago. The beauty blossoms in the contrast! Second only to my affection for the mountains is my enjoyment of sharing their magic with friends.

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