Adorable Robin Fledglings in their Nest

What a serene morning on the first day of June in the Appalachian Mountains.  Spring is here and this birds nest is bubbling with activity.   These Robin fledglings are just as excited about spring as we are!  It’s a beautiful time to be in the high country.  Birds chirping, grass growing, cool breeze…it just doesn’t get any better than this!

A Great Weekend to be on Watauga Lake!

Watauga Lake is one of the most beautiful destinations in the high country.  If you’ve been here before you know it’s a special place.  The Appalachian Mountains encompass the refreshing waters and make you feel like you’re in Hawaii.  If you get a chance to visit Boone, NC we highly recommend a day out on Watauga Lake.

Less than 30 minutes from the office…

Yesterday I got off early and went out to Shiprock, a mountain near the viaduct off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  What a pleasure it is to be minutes away to such a gorgeous landscape.  It’s less than 30 minutes from our office at Boone Real Estate to Shiprock.  How cool is that?

Fog in a Temperate Rainforest – Boone, NC

Yesterday was a drizzly day in the mountains of Boone, NC.  This picture was taken off the deck of a house located in Todd, NC.  You can see that Boone is truly in a temperate rainforest.  We average about 4.4 inches of rain per month and that is why we have so many exotic plants and animals in the high county.  It’s truly a remarkable place.  We’ve lived in Boone for 18 years and we’ll help you find that perfect home in Boone, NC.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you mom!  I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you.  

I took these photos this Mother’s day morning after talking to my mom on the phone. These photos attempt to convey the beauty of her motherly love. I wish I was with her today. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

A Beautiful Weekend in the Linville Gorge

In my opinion the best part of the high country is getting out and exploring the wonder the wilderness has to offer.  I took this picture from Hawksbill, literally hanging off the side of a mountain.  The trees are so alive this time of year.  If you look closely you can see the Linville River which runs all the way down into Lake James, right outside of Morganton.  Boone is  the center of the high country;  Within 30 minutes you can be in Ashe County, Banner Elk, Linville, Bethel…the list goes on and on.  If you’re looking for the most beautiful area in the Appalachian Mountains, look no further than Boone, NC.

Rhododendron Ruckus!

One of the great joys of spring in the mountains is watching the parade of flowers blooming everywhere you go!  This week we went to one of our properties just down below the Blue Ridge Parkway and ran into the most smashing outburst of rhododendrons I’ve ever seen.  I just had to share a few of these exquisite flowers with you as their beauty is fleeting and may not be here next week.  This short window of beauty is a message itself – if we overlook the opportunity to truly appreciate and savor these fleeting moments of grandeur in the high country – we’ll miss them for a whole nother year.  And if learn to respond to these messengers of magnificence in the mountains, we’ll be better attuned to the rhythm of the Earth, nature and probably life itself.  Maintaining a margin in our day to catch the spring flowers and observe their delicate aspects, the beautiful bees who make a life in them and we’re perhaps more able to make time in our lives for the flowers blooming in our relationships.  Sometimes we miss the main event by being busy.  The mountains do their best to slow us down and insert peace and harmony back in our lives.  Take a look at these wonderful blooms below and see if you aren’t tempted to hop in the car and drive up to Boone, NC to catch our rhododendrons in their fully glory.  Come with a friend, your son or daughter and spend a day driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in search of gorgeous flowers blooming and who knows what you’ll discover.  Come to Boone, NC and revel in the wonders of nature and life itself!


Peony Blooming

Here’s a picture I took this morning of a vibrant Peony down at the Headwaters of the Adkin right outside of Blowing Rock, NC.  The Headwaters is a elegant subdivision off Blackberry Rd.  There is no doubt that spring is in full effect down there.  Flowers are bursting with color and basking in the sun.  If you’re coming up 321 towards Blowing Rock, Blackberry Rd is on the right as soon as the the road switches to two lanes.  Feel free to check out the Headwaters on your next visit to Boone.  Oh spring, how I’ve missed you so!

Looking for your mountain dream home?  Have you considered living at the Headwaters of the Adkin?  Here’s a beautiful mountain house near Blowing Rock that we have listed.