Fall is almost here in the High Country!

It’s the beginning of my favorite time of year in Boone, NC!  Crisp temperatures, fall colors, leaves changing, pumpkins, you name it!  Here’s a photo I took the other day while going for a hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  What a beautiful day it was to be outside in the mountains.  Keep checking back as I intend to be very photo happy for the next two months.  Cheers!


Waterfalls – Gragg Prong in Mid-May


Matt and I took a nice hike this morning down to Gragg Prong Falls down below the Blue Ridge Parkway below Linville.  It was majestic with the sun rising projecting slanting, golden light on the time-smoothed, granite slabs surrounding this water hole.  There’s nothing like spending a morning in the mountains in May!

Tulips Blooming and Forsythias Turning Green

We are so excited it’s finally springtime in Boone, NC!  Our tulips are coming up and the forsythias are fading to green which means it’s most definitely spring!  Keep checking back for the latest seasonal photos!



Wilson Creek – Waterfalls Near Boone, NC

Spring is in the offing in the High Country!  A few days ago I went down to the Edgemont area just below Hwy 221 south of Blowing Rock.  Once you drop down below the escarpment you will find massive creeks and mountain streams flowing all the way down to Lake James.  Here are a few photos of Wilson Creek!




Moon Rising in March


Waking up early this morning to this moon was spectacular!  Check out the craters on the moon!  I took this photo at  6:45am and captured some really pretty silver light.

Big Snow in Boone, NC!

Yesterday we had the biggest snow of the season with a range of probably 4-8 inches in the High Country! It’s always a treat to get a big snow and it’s an even bigger treat to go out and play in it! The four seasons are one reason folks like living here and winter is no exception. While it doesn’t look like we’ll get anymore snow this week, the temperature will take a dive and we’ll dip below 0 degrees in the next day or two. Yikes!! This weather is great for the skiing so if you’re thinking about making a trip, come on up this weekend for great conditions and enjoy the most snow of the season!

Highway 321 Covered with Snow last night!

Highway 321 Covered with Snow last night!

At 5,000 ft the snow was really coming down!

At 5,000 ft the snow was really coming down!

Lost Province Brewery in the Snow

Lost Province Brewery in the Snow

Cars Driving to Boone from Blowing Rock

Cars Driving to Boone from Blowing Rock

Everybody is getting off early and heading home!

Everybody is getting off early and heading home!

Watauga Lake in the Fall

Watauga Lake in the Fall of 2014

Watauga Lake in the Fall of 2014


Watauga Lake is beautiful all year long!  If you’re interested in lake property near Boone, NC you’ve found the right company.  Call our lake expert, Joel Farthing at 828.773.3384.

Time of Year for Campfires!

Fall in Boone, NC is best spent outside with a fire!

Fall in Boone, NC is best spent outside with a fire!

Fall is my favorite time of year.  It’s such a cool feeling to be outside with friends around a campfire in the brisk, mountain air.  Let’s try to enjoy these mild temperatures while they last!

Peak Leaf Season in Boone, NC: Fall 2014

What a pleasant drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday! We’re definitely experiencing peak leaf season in Boone a little early this year. It was absolutely gorgeous with all of the fall colors! Come on up and enjoy it this weekend before the leaves all fall off!


Shiprock in the Fall


Clouds Hovering Over Grandfather Mountain


Ah, summertime in Boone, NC – does it get any better than this?  Here’s a photo taken from Echota on the Ridge early in the morning with the clouds hovering over the base of Grandfather Mountain and the sleepy town of Foscoe.  Living in the High Country is so serene.  My dad always comments about how unique the clouds are in this area – how can I argue with landscapes like this??

Click the link to see the Echota on the Ridge Condo this photo was taken from.  Have a great week and come see us soon!

Iris Blooming in Boone!

Spring is such a great time of year in Boone. This week the Iris is in full bloom! What’s your favorite Spring flower in the High Country?


Magnificent Memorial Day Weekend!


Boone Real Estate would like to thank all of the service men & women who’ve served or are currently serving this great country!  We appreciate our freedom everyday.  Thank you!

We couldn’t ask for better weather for Memorial Day weekend!  Here’s a lone tree on the Blue Ridge Parkway spreading it’s limbs to the sky.  Have a fun, relaxing weekend and soak in this phenomenal weather.  We hope you’ll come see us this weekend!

View of Grandfather from Linville Ridge

A beautiful Spring day in the mountains of Western, North Carolina.  This photo is taken from a gorgeous lot in Linville Ridge that looks over Grandfather Country Club and of course the famous Grandfather Mountain.  If you want a view lot or acreage in and around Boone, NC please give us a call today!  Timelapse coming soon!


Golfing at Jefferson Landing with Vernon Taylor!

Another Great Day on the Golf Course with Vernon!

Another Great Day on the Golf Course with Vernon!

Here we are having fun on the golf course at gorgeous Jefferson Landing. I’m on the left and to the right is my golf partner for the day, Vernon Taylor. Vernon and his wife Anne asked us to list and market their home in Jefferson Landing. You can see it on https://boonerealestate.com under “search our listings” at the price of $1,200,000. It is a remarkable property and affords enjoyment of these links and many other amenities throughout the year. Come explore Jefferson Landing in the mountains of North Carolina!

Spring Flowers in Boone, NC

You have to love springtime in the High Country!  Pleasant temperatures, cool mountains breezes, vibrant flowers!  This photo is too good not to share.  We hope to see you this spring or summer!

A Gorgeous Trillium in my backyard

A gorgeous Trillium in my backyard

Trillium (aka Wake Robin) in Boone, NC

Springtime in Boone, NC is in full effect! Check out these gorgeous North Carolina Wildflowers growing naturally in my front yard. It’s such a beautiful time of year in the mountains of Western NC. Come on up and take a look!


Waterfall at Black Fork

Spring has finally arrived!  Here’s a shot of a massive waterfall near the Linville Gorge.  So impressive!!  Once you start exploring the High Country you’ll want to live here.  Boone and the surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see!

25ft Waterfall at Black Fork

25ft Waterfall at Black Fork

Massive Views near Boone!

Our Client Will Wake Up with This View Every Morning!

Our Client Will Wake Up with This View Every Morning!

Here is one of the most sublime and transporting views I’ve sold in fifteen years practicing real estate in Boone! Just seven convenient miles south of town in a Blowing Rock subdivision named Misty Mountain you’ll find these exquisite views of the gorge below town. They say on a clear winter’s night you can see the skyline of downtown Charlotte! Isn’t this a gorgeous vista! I must have done something somewhere right to be asked to assist clients acquire a home with this panorama! I’m thankful for the opportunity to earn my livelihood in such an inspiring environment and grateful to our clients who rely on us to protect them in the process and so enable us to continue our work up here every day! Life in Boone is good!

Incredible View from Misty Mountain

We still don’t have leaves on the trees as of April 28th but we hope to see them soon! On Friday we were in the Misty Mountain subdivision in Blowing Rock for a client and just couldn’t pass up this photo. What an incredible John’s Gorge View from up there! Happy Monday, folks!


Birds Chirping!

140416BirdsSpringBooneNC-001The weather is warming up in Boone & Blowing Rock!  The birds are out and chirping their little heads off!  This one sits by itself on a locust branch enjoying the morning hours in early April.  Make some weekend plans and come check out springtime in Boone or Blowing Rock!

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