Waterfalls – Gragg Prong in Mid-May


Matt and I took a nice hike this morning down to Gragg Prong Falls down below the Blue Ridge Parkway below Linville.  It was majestic with the sun rising projecting slanting, golden light on the time-smoothed, granite slabs surrounding this water hole.  There’s nothing like spending a morning in the mountains in May!

First Snow in Boone of 2014!


It was beautiful seeing the snowflakes once again falling on our winter wonderland! It always stuns me to realize what an enchanting universe we enjoy living up here in the mountains. Invigorating is perhaps the appropriate expression to describe winter’s first snow. Stately hardwood trees, scent of wood in the air and woodsmoke curling up the chimneys, a crisp snap in the air and brilliantly blue skies all tell me that the most beautiful time of year is upon us. Come marvel at the majesty with us – come to the mountains!

View of Grandfather from Linville Ridge

A beautiful Spring day in the mountains of Western, North Carolina.  This photo is taken from a gorgeous lot in Linville Ridge that looks over Grandfather Country Club and of course the famous Grandfather Mountain.  If you want a view lot or acreage in and around Boone, NC please give us a call today!  Timelapse coming soon!


Mountain Fun in the Snow


Meet Alex the Dog up on the ridge at Sharon’s Farm looking out toward Iron Mountain near Whitetop and Mount Rogers.  We had around nine inches and Alex loved the camouflage!  Winter is beautiful in the mountains.

Frosty Trees in Eagles Nest in Banner Elk Today!


It was majestic driving up into Eagles Nest in Banner Elk this morning.  All the trees were glazed with a beautiful rime ice.  It’s such a peculiar and rare event that it almost makes you feel like you’re on a different planet.  The effect is truly mesmerizing.  It seems like every day in the mountains there’s another unique experience to celebrate.

South Fork of the New River – Ashe County

Cobalt blue water flowing down the New River

Cobalt blue water flowing down the South Fork of the New River

It was a chilly morning out on the South Fork in Ashe County!  Here you see a wide stretch of the New River scattered with big ice chunks floating towards Todd, NC.  Rural Ashe County real estate sure is fine!

Ice Floes in Mountain Creeks


Here’s a set of falls below Whitetop Mountain.  It’s one of my favorite sets of rapids and changes dramatically with rainfall or snow runoff.  It’s high today, loud, snowy and beautiful.  It epitomizes peace, tranquility and all the other reasons I moved to the mountains for.  Somehow just standing by them makes me feel more human and I guess that’s why I live here.

Another Property SOLD by BooneRealEstate.com!

Another Property Sold by BooneRealEstate.com!

Another Property Sold by BooneRealEstate.com!

This is such a beautiful lot at the top of Laurel Ridge between Boone and Valle Crucis with heart-stopping views!  The seller had been trying to sell it unsuccessfully by himself for some time.  With the help of Boone Real Estate marketing we were able to quickly pair him with an interested buyer who closed on this gorgeous tract this week.  We assisted the seller in efficiently obtaining a septic permit through our experience in preparing land tracts for sale and once this was obtained we were able to mail the seller a check for his land.  If you have a home or tract of land you’d like to sell quickly and easily in the high country near Boone and Blowing Rock, Boone Real Estate may be the solution.  Call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help!


Boone, NC Trout Stream in Winter!

Can you see the trout?

Can you see the trout?

This is a gorgeous trout pool in a clear mountain stream we hiked the other day.  There is a beauty to mountain winter unlike any other season.  Some people like to stay inside and warm in winter but I love the invigorating slap of cold air on my cheek and the splendor of our snow-covered mountains around Boone.  At sixty years old and still able to amble around and up these hillsides I think the mountains are taking good care of me.  There are a million points of grandeur here that we’d love to show you.  Come walk the mountains with us!

Walking a 32-Acre Mountain Top in Banner Elk…

Getting in a great land hike on January 8th!

Getting in a great land hike on January 8th!

One of the things I love most about living in the mountains of Boone, NC is the constant relationship with them.  Living here and representing sellers in their land sales give us constant opportunities for being out in nature and enjoying the beauty of the mountains around Boone.  Yesterday we walked about a mile up a snow-covered road to the pinnacle of this gorgeous tract.  At the tops the views are remarkable.  At age sixty I count myself fortunate to still be able to climb these exquisite blue ridge mountains.  Breathing the fresh mountain air, crossing pure mountain creeks and working hand in hand with my 29-year-old son, Matt all constitute tremendous blessings to me for which I am exceedingly grateful.  Some men need possessions or accomplishments to accouter their sense of fulfillment.  I’ll settle simply for the beauty of the mountains around Boone, NC and the opportunity to walk them every day!

On the Roof of the Earth…


Here we are in far northwestern Watauga County on one of our new 30-acre tracts.  We’re standing on a ridge bisecting the beautiful Bethel Valley (unseen) to my right and Zionville to my left.  At this 4200′ elevation you can see The Peak emerging behind Snake Mountain and Tater Hill above the valley that connects Boone and Mountain City, TN.  This is God’s Country.  I have to pinch myself that I get paid for hiking around in perhaps the most beautiful corner of the Earth.  What an honor and a delight it is to serve people in our profession.  Come let us show you the wonders of Watauga County, North Carolina!

Time-Lapse of a Beautiful Sunset

This is a time-lapse I took a few nights ago atop a beautiful knoll in Western Watauga County.  The sugar grove area is known for it’s rolling pastures and pristine, unobstructed mountain views.  If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough.

Taking Pictures IN the Watauga River!


Here I am at 8:00am this morning in the middle of the Watauga River in Valle Crucis.  We strive to be creative in all aspects of our work and taking photos is no exception!  I even took a quick dip in the river after I got done shooting, talk about waking you up!

Big Views in Laurel Ridge


Today dad and I are pricing lots in Laurel Ridge, one of the High Country’s most exquisite neighborhoods. You’ll love the views from this lot! Give us a call today if you want to escape the heat and enjoy mountain views like this.

Snow Covered Mountains in Matney, NC

Snow Covered Peaks in Matney, North Carolina

Snow Covered Peaks in Matney, North Carolina

Yesterday we got a chance to get out of the office for a day to look at a few listings.  Our 2nd stop was in Matney, NC which is a small community nestled in between Boone and Banner Elk.  It’s always a treat to take in these views as you wind through the mountain roads in Avery County.  You may be in the middle of nowhere but for people who like to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s perfect.

Cutting Firewood for Winter!

Cutting Firewood with Dad

Here we are at Sharon’s farm in Virginia cutting firewood to get ready for old man winter.  It’s fun to get outside in the elements and work on the farm.  Fresh air, hard work and something to show for it at the end of the day!  We cut and split a few cords of wood for my new wood stove insert.  I’m installing the insert in my house on Fox Den Rd in Blowing Rock, NC.  I  looking forward to saving some money on propane this year!

Video – The Beautiful New River!

Sit back and get ready to take it all in. The New River in Todd, NC is one of the many beautiful locations in the High Country. Thanks for watching 🙂

Most Attractively Priced Lot in Elk Creek Mountain

I’m proud to announce another great listing from Boone Real Estate!  This is a gorgeous 2.1 acre lot with amazing mountain and pasture views.  Click on the link to find out more about the best priced lot in Elk Creek Mountain.

Fall Colors are Coming!

It’s late September and the leaves are falling here in WNC.  As the light starts to slant and turn yellow, the leaves show their last shades of vibrant green.  Soon the mountains will be a mixture of reds, oranges and yellows.  Leaf season is almost here!

Lichen in Western North Carolina

Early today I was walking around some land in the high country.  I came across this virgin boulder with beautiful pale green lichen all over it.  Sometimes it’s the little things in nature that catch my eye.

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