Waterfalls – Gragg Prong in Mid-May


Matt and I took a nice hike this morning down to Gragg Prong Falls down below the Blue Ridge Parkway below Linville.  It was majestic with the sun rising projecting slanting, golden light on the time-smoothed, granite slabs surrounding this water hole.  There’s nothing like spending a morning in the mountains in May!

My Sister got Hitched!


Every now and then it’s nice to take a break from real estate and spend some time with family.  Over the weekend my younger sister got married, first sibling out of 5 kids to take the next step!  Very happy for her and Todd, my new brother-in-law.

Beautiful Day at the Driving Range

It was a gorgeous day in Boone today with temperatures in the low 70’s.  On a day like this it’s impossible to resist the driving range so close to the office!  Here’s dad teeing off with the new 3 wood!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get on the golf course a little more this year.  Cheers!

Teeing off at the Boone Driving Range

Teeing off at the Boone Driving Range

Mountain Fun in the Snow


Meet Alex the Dog up on the ridge at Sharon’s Farm looking out toward Iron Mountain near Whitetop and Mount Rogers.  We had around nine inches and Alex loved the camouflage!  Winter is beautiful in the mountains.

One of the Most Fickle Females in my Life..


Her name is Kitty Kane Cat and she has a mind of her own but definitely enjoys human company and affection.  She doesn’t talk which after a day in real estate can be a comfort.  But she lets me know immediately if she’s unhappy.  She is rarely a bad kitty and never catty or contumacious.  With the amount Sharon travels, Kitty Kane is becoming a dominant female figure in my life, as scratchy as that may seem…

Daughter Megan Makes an Appearance


Megan drives up from Asheville last night and paid me a surprise visit to our offices today.  Isn’t she a beauty!  Girl got style too – what with her being a designer and all!  It was great to see my daughter today!

Views of Winston-Salem’s Skyline!


Here is the infinite view from 4800′ elevation at the home atop Rich Mountain, one off our clients bought today.  as soon as she walked in she knew that this was the home for her and her six grown sons and all the grandchildren.  We take pleasure in helping people find their perfect home and sharing in their happiness.  But I envy their view!!

One of the Shortest Days of the Year

Sara, Dinah and Matt

Sara, Dinah and Matt enjoying an afternoon stroll.

Here we are on December 23, 1013.  It’s one of the shortest days of the year but the good news is the days are now getting longer!  It’s a misty yet cheerful day in the Fox Den neighborhood outside of Blowing Rock, NC.  We wish you all Happy Holidays and hope you enjoy the rest of 2013!

Ray in his Boone Real Estate T-Shirt!

Ray-Outerbanks-1A few weeks ago we went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for vacation.  Here’s a shot of Ray (my sister’s boyfriend) rockin’ his new Boone Real Estate shirt right on the beach.  These t-shirts are fresh!  Come by and pick up your free Boone Real Estate t-shirt today!

Typical Night in the High Country


When Sharon’s traveling I end up with Kitty Cane Cat (Aiden) and Alex Dane Dog (Alex).  Sharon selected their parenthetical names;  I invented their real ones, much to her chagrin.  But we have fun and they add depth to our lives.  And although they’re both females, is it any wonder that the smaller one’s in charge!

Planting Nine Leyland Cypress at Matts House


Yesterday we decided to put some good privacy screen up at matts house in Blowing Rock, NC.  We chose Leyland Cypress as a good natural barrier.  These are the dark green plants you see every 10 feet in the foreground.  Sharon and I planted these 5 years ago at her mom’s house and they are 20 feet tall  now.  I love planting flowers bushes and trees in the mountains.  Isn’t it always such a pleasure to watch things grow!

Sharon’s New Granddaughter


Welcome Ansley Alison to Earth! Aren’t you precious! Sharon got a call Sunday night around two in the morning that the baby was coming and twenty minutes later was in the car on a six hour drive to Atlanta. Fifteen minutes after arriving Ansley was born 5 lbs 5 ozs! Don’t we have someone to spoil now!

Page’s 30th Birthday


Surprise! It was my 28 year old son, Matt’s idea to surprise his sister, Page who lives in Boston. So last Friday he, Sara, Sharon and I flew to Boston to do so. You could have stopped time with the look on her face when she walked into the restaurant and saw us! The entire weekend was priceless. How many times does your daughter turn 30 and you get the chance to honor her for who she is! (L to R, Ray, Page, me, Sharon, Matt and Sara)

Hockey last night with my son Matt


Matt and I went to see the Carolina Hurricanes play hockey last night in Raleigh.  It was a great time to get away with your son enjoy a 1 night out on the town.  The truth is though it was even better to come back to the high country this morning.
It’s cold and it’s snowing but it’s beautiful.  this is where I live and I love it so much it’s were I’ll always stay.

Cutting Firewood for Winter!

Cutting Firewood with Dad

Here we are at Sharon’s farm in Virginia cutting firewood to get ready for old man winter.  It’s fun to get outside in the elements and work on the farm.  Fresh air, hard work and something to show for it at the end of the day!  We cut and split a few cords of wood for my new wood stove insert.  I’m installing the insert in my house on Fox Den Rd in Blowing Rock, NC.  I  looking forward to saving some money on propane this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re thankful to be in business!

Happy Thanksgiving!  At Boone Real Estate we’re thankful to have such great clients to work with!  We like you all so much that we’re happy to get a little work even when we’re the only car in the parking lot 🙂

As always, we’ll be available if you would like to see property over the holiday weekend.  Cheers!

Happy Halloween from Boone Real Estate!

Happy Halloween to all of you!  If you’re going trick or treatin’ tonight you better bundle up!  Have a spooky good evening.

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. – Shakespeare, “Macbeth”

Looking for my luggage in Sacramento…


It all came out on 1 kart.  Sharon and I are out here in Sacramento to marry my brother Mitch.  Let’s hope the third time is the charm.  Every once in awhile is good to do something besides selling real estate in Boone NC.

Time-Lapse: Chilhowie, VA

Here’s a short little time-lapse I took on Friday evening at Sharon’s Farm. Sara and I went over to Virginia to eat dinner (Surf n Turf!) and spend some time with my dad and his girlfriend, Sharon. Here’s a peek at the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia. These mountains are almost as pretty as North Carolina 😉

Biking on Railroad Grade Rd in Todd, NC

Biking on Railroad Grade Road in Todd, NC

It’s looking like great weekend full of sunshine with highs in the upper 70’s!  If you’re looking for something to do that’s fun, active and beautiful I suggest you go biking out in Todd, NC.  If you don’t have a bike or don’t feel like hauling it with, no need to panic  — you can rent bikes in Todd.  Railroad Grade Rd is a popular road to ride because it’s flat and scenic.  Follow the New River for the entire ride and forget about that stressful week at work.  Todd may be a rural community but I assure you there’s plenty to do!  Watch the tubers float by or stop by the Todd General Store for a cold drink and tasty sandwich.

Also, if it gets too hot outside and you need to take a dip in cool, refreshing mountain water, check out our blog post on The Top 10 Swimming Holes around Boone, NC.  Have a great weekend y’all.

Here’s a map so you can see a popular 7 mile (roundtrip) ride.

View Railroad Grade Biking Route in a larger map

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