Boone NC

I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Boone, NC. This is my home. As I grow older I have realized the importance of being in a place that makes you happy. For some, it’s being at the beach, for others it’s being in the know – living downtown in a happening city. For me, it’s being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, formally known as the Appalachian Mountains. As a local, it’s my duty to inform you that Appalachian is pronounced “a-puh-“LATCH”-uhn”, not “a-puh-LAY-chuhn”, no disrespect intended. Although I have always loved Boone, it took moving away for a couple of years to truly appreciate the splendor of the High Country. I have traveled to many areas in the United States and I am here to tell you, Boone is a very special place.

OK, enough rambling about my personal life. The point of this article is to convey the brilliance of living in the Blue Ridge. Boone is a small town located in Watauga County. The population in the city limits of Boone is 17,122 with a total 42,695 in Watauga County. Boone is also the home to Appalachian State University, which holds roughly 20,000 students (17,137 undergrad, 3,085 grad). ASU continues to build a solid reputation as TIME magazine recognized Appalachian State as College of the Year in 2001.

So you’re probably thinking, what makes Boone so great? I love Boone for a variety of reasons. Boone has an eclectic small-town vibe that I haven’t seen replicated anywhere else in the country. Maybe my biases come from the lush rhododendrons that embrace the town or the neon sunsets over the Linville Gorge. More than likely I believe it’s the heart of the people who live here. Around here it seems the cars go by slower, the trees sway more freely and the creeks playfully tumble down the mountains. The virgin beauty is almost a sensory overload. Of course, talk is cheap, especially coming from a Real Estate agent. Check out our high definition videos at Boone Real Estate to get a better idea of how gorgeous it really is. At Boone Real Estate, we listen to your every need. Think of us as a friend, a stepping-stone to your dream home in Boone, NC.

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