Boone, NC Trout Stream in Winter!

Can you see the trout?

Can you see the trout?

This is a gorgeous trout pool in a clear mountain stream we hiked the other day.  There is a beauty to mountain winter unlike any other season.  Some people like to stay inside and warm in winter but I love the invigorating slap of cold air on my cheek and the splendor of our snow-covered mountains around Boone.  At sixty years old and still able to amble around and up these hillsides I think the mountains are taking good care of me.  There are a million points of grandeur here that we’d love to show you.  Come walk the mountains with us!

About Bob de Camara

I've been an aficionado of the high country since arriving from Chicago 20 years ago. The beauty blossoms in the contrast! Second only to my affection for the mountains is my enjoyment of sharing their magic with friends.

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