Another wonderful winters day in Boone, NC

Its just so pretty here I can’t describe it.

de Camara & Sons !


I’m pleased to announce that my son, Matt has joined us at Mountain Properties!  This is the true definition of a “Red Letter Day.”

Playing pool with Mike at the boone saloon…

I love this place for spending time with my son.


Fresh snow in Boone this morning


Another 2 or 3 inches of snow in boone last night.  mike wanted to know if I wanted to have breakfast out somewhere in I said sure if you snow blow the driveway…

A beautiful winter morning in Boone, NC!


Looks like a morning for the snowblower…

Snowy morning – taken from deck in Boone, NC.

Snowy morning on my deck in Boone NC

Meet Alex the dog


I’ll admit I was not born a dog lover but this one has stolen my heart.  She is a sweetheart!

Whitetop, Virginia

Whitetop, VA from on Vimeo.

My Amazing Girlfriend!

Can She Shop or What!

Two Nights' Shopping!

My amazing girlfriend Sharon has two wonderful characteristics – first she is beautiful and has a great sense of taste and second she’s cheap – she bought eleven pair of “Bandolino” Italian designer shoes for about $11/pair! I guess we’ll have to go out more often now!

Mike de Camara helping me sell high country nc real estate…

Mike after digging through a lot of hard rock on Beech Mountain while installing a wooded real estate sign…

Mike de Camara helping make my clients' home look better!

A Great Way to Spend Time with your Son!