de Camara & Sons !


I’m pleased to announce that my son, Matt has joined us at Mountain Properties!  This is the true definition of a “Red Letter Day.”

Playing pool with Mike at the boone saloon…

I love this place for spending time with my son.


Fresh snow in Boone this morning


Another 2 or 3 inches of snow in boone last night.  mike wanted to know if I wanted to have breakfast out somewhere in I said sure if you snow blow the driveway…

A beautiful winter morning in Boone, NC!


Looks like a morning for the snowblower…

Snowy morning – taken from deck in Boone, NC.

Snowy morning on my deck in Boone NC

Meet Alex the dog


I’ll admit I was not born a dog lover but this one has stolen my heart.  She is a sweetheart!

Whitetop, Virginia

Whitetop, VA from on Vimeo.

My Amazing Girlfriend!

Can She Shop or What!

Two Nights' Shopping!

My amazing girlfriend Sharon has two wonderful characteristics – first she is beautiful and has a great sense of taste and second she’s cheap – she bought eleven pair of “Bandolino” Italian designer shoes for about $11/pair! I guess we’ll have to go out more often now!

Mike de Camara helping me sell high country nc real estate…

Mike after digging through a lot of hard rock on Beech Mountain while installing a wooded real estate sign…

Mike de Camara helping make my clients' home look better!

A Great Way to Spend Time with your Son!

Boone Sunrise Rotary Hears Beers

The new Appalachian State University Brewery Program was explained to us this morning. Shea Tuberly took us down to the brewery project and enlightened us all on the high art of brewing.

Beer in the Morning for Boone Rotary Program!