Some Pre-Sunrise Moments in Boone this Morning…

Frosty Morning in Boone, NC with Aiden, the Cat…

Rotary is a great way to start your day


Tuesday mornings at Boone sunrise rotary

A Break from Boone Real Estate


Having lunch with my sons ( L to R) Matt & Mike at one of our favorite Boone restaurants – Our Daily Bread….

Nothing beats playing music with your kids!


Jamming at a Boone bar last night with my son Matt (right) and his friend Les…

Aiden is Back!


Believe it or not our beloved kitty is back.  We lost her a half hour away in Mountain City, TN ten days ago.  Sharon posted a reward in their local paper and a sweet honest lady have us a call.  This is a happy moment.

Valuing an Unfinished Home…

Diamond in the Rough

This is a gorgeous home in the making at the top of Tynecastle, a premier gated community near Grandfather Mountain in Linville, North Carolina.  The home was designed in a very similar tradition to the Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture.  Massive beams, ubiquitous glass, soaring stonework commend this property.  Views of the ski slopes round it out.  For a couple hundred thousand, one could finish this as a signature mountain estate for family and friends.  I’ve given the owner my opinion of value which he’s digesting and will let me know shortly his plans for marketing the property.  When it’s done, hopefully the buyers will think highly enough of the listing agent that I’ll be invited back for drinks on the deck…


The Tall Stately Hardwoods Surrounding My Home in Boone, NC

This is the view I leave every morning and return to each night.  These majestic hardwoods speak to me in ways I was incapable of understanding eighteen years ago when first I moved to the high country.  I have lived in this spot under these woods for twelve years now and come to quite an acquaintance with these new found friends.  I’ve seen them in the dead of night from my deck which they surround in a full circumference which can lead to dizziness trying to see them all at once – yet at the height of easily over 70′ it is not an impossible, certainly not a silly feat.  I watch them swaying beneath the billowy, low and quick moving white clouds in the moonlight.  I like them best in that outfit.  I’ve seen them in the snow, with ice clinging to their limbs, cracking like gunfire when they snap.  From spring to fall they wash their leaves against each other and swish in the steady mountain breeze.  I confess to a relationship of perhaps inappropriate intimacy with them.  Actually we talk.  They do most of the talking.  I’m relegated mostly to non-verbal cues like gazing in wonder and appreciation.  I’m astounded at the way these ambassadors connect the worlds of the Earth and the Sky.  As denizens of the bottom of the sky – earth, we often neglect the world above us.  There floats the atmosphere in all of its power and beauty as RaysWeather reminds us.  From there comes the weather that appoints and punctuates our daily routine and somehow connects us with a deeper force in life.  The amazing trees live in that maelstrom for centuries while we hide away in our hobbit holes comfortably ignoring the wonder without.  I’ve lived so many different place in my 58 years but none with the splendor of these hardwood forests of the high country.  These stately trees remind me that I live in the mountains and give me one more reason to be grateful.  They tell me to notice the breeze and the clouds or the radiant sunshine.  When I’m obstinate they force me out into nature to gather their leaves.  In the end they impart their peace to me and remind me that I’m home.

Walking Thru Lowes with Alex the Dog…

Isn't She a Beauty!

One of the highlights of any of my days is spending time with this child.  Alex is a white German Shepherd puppy who just turned one the other day.  I brushed her this morning for her present and got about a wheelbarrow full.  Then we put her in the back of the truck to let the remainder blow off and took her down to Lowes to show her off.  What a great companion!


Elk Park, NC


Alex the Dog Deciding Whether to Eat Matt’s Leg or not…


She’s a beautiful dog but selective about whom she loves!