Carolina Hurricanes Hockey!

When we’re not working in real estate in Boone, NC, we like to explore everything the state of North Carolina has to offer.  Last night I went to the last Carolina Hurricanes home game of the season.  It was an awesome game to say the least.  It was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation and went into overtime.  After nobody scored, they had a shootout!  Carolina’s star, Eric Staal, won the game by scoring on the the final shot of the shootout.  Below is a picture I took of Montreal just barely missing a goal during the shootout, hitting the post!

The puck hit the post!

Old Barn in the Mountains of Western NC

This old barn has probably been here 100 years.  It’s just one example of the character you’ll find in these mountains.  Hopefully she’ll stay upright for another hundred years!

Time-lapse: Installing a Sign

Here’s a neat video clip we put together.  A few days ago my dad and I went up to WhiteTop, VA and installed a sign.  We had to dig through a lot of rocks but eventually we put the sign in the ground.  This is the last of our Mountain Properties signs.  From now on you’ll see the new Boone Real Estate signs scattered across the high country!

Grandmother Mountain Bouldering

Yesterday evening I went up to Grandmother Mountain which is right outside of Banner Elk, NC.  We had a big time up there, about 20 friends climbing after a hard day of work.  Here is a shot of a couple friends enjoying the spectacular sunset and breeze on top of a gneiss boulder.  This is just one of many ways to spend an evening in the high country.  Life is good in Boone, NC.

Beautiful Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow in Boone NC
As I was weaving around the mountains roads I had to stop the truck to capture this beautiful weeping willow. It seems around every bend there is a landscape that beckons to be captured. Whether it’s a rolling pasture, dense forest or a craggy mountain top, there’s always a story to tell. A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll let the willow do the talking. Enjoy your day!

Contact Form is Working Again!

Boone Real Estate Contact FormWe are happy to inform you that our contact form is back up and running.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  Thanks for checking out our Boone Real Estate Blog today.  Stay tuned for more stunning images coming your way!  Have a great week!

Good Morning From Boone, NC

Living in Boone is such a pleasure. I woke up this morning to let the dogs out and I was struck by the warmth of the morning sun. It was too pretty to eat inside so Sara and I enjoyed our breakfast and morning coffee out on the deck while basking in the sun. It must be 60 degrees outside right now. What a fantastic way to start a weekend! I think we’re going to go rock climbing in Blowing Rock today. Watch the video below to experience the atmosphere of the High Country. If you look closely you’ll even be able to see the airplanes soaring across the morning sky.

Spring is in the air, I can feel it. Come see us and we’ll help you find your home in Boone, NC.

Spring Day in Boone, NC

The Wonder of the Atmosphere

It’s a day like today that I moved here for.  Forgive the split proposition.  I’ve been reading too many Lee Child novels and am appropriating Jack Reacher’s terse verse.  But, never fear – I’ll certainly gravitate back to those customary, long, lilting, Latin lines of mine.  I guess that’s because I’m who I am and we’re all who we are, though God knows how many decades it took me to find some sort of center in that mind of mine.  One part of acquiring that sense of self I believe came from becoming sensitive or conscious of what I liked and didn’t and gravitated toward and didn’t.  Growing up an Army brat and then ending my Dad’s corporate drifting in Chicagoland (there’s a weird moniker), I was turned off by the sameness of every commercial artery and all the same lollipop signs.  Could be Baltimore, Chicago, Suburban California – how would you know – all the streets look the same with all the same stores and signs?  That didn’t bring me to Boone, NC.  But when I saw the uniqueness – the lack of uniformity and all permeated by the ubiquitous mountain breeze – I stayed.  And I’ve never looked back.  I just walked outside and the balmy 60° moist mountain breeze blew by my cheek and I was stunned with its esoteric beauty and thought I’d steal a moment from mountain real estate and tell you about it.  It’s so cool!  Skies are about a thousand feet with vagrant, roaming, blotchy, low cumuli coloring the land with such an air of friendliness.  I don’t know – I know it sounds weird but you come here and before you know it you begin to cultivate relationships with inanimate entities (I was gonna say people but refrained you know – “out of a decent respect to the opinion of mankind…” 🙂 like the air, the rain, the trees.  I walk out on my deck at night because it’s more fun than the interior facilities and I like the ceiling better.  And at 58 it takes longer out on the deck so it’s an unfettered encounter with nature – mostly the night sky – which in the mountains is often in fine fettle.  The interplay at night between the white clouds of such magnificent variety and form with the black velvety nightdrop and scramble of glittering stars is simply incomprehensibly beautiful.  But it’s the small, quick unanticipated, daily moments like just now walking out of my office and encountering the glorious graze of moist breeze on my cheek that simply stop you in your tracks and you’re paralyzed in revery.  I’ll never carefully or clearly enough capture this experience in words but I hope to convey occasionally the profound effect the environment here has on me enough perhaps to cause you to question whether you should come confirm.  Something’s happening in the mountains – pure magic – there’s something in the air…

A de Camara Family Reunion


From left to right – me, Mitch (Don), Donna Lyn, Rock and Joan.  Our first in many years and was in Chicago in October before son, Matt helped me get my blog back up.  Now planning another in Tahoe in Sept for Mitch’s wedding.



Good Girlfriends Make All the Difference!

I Love the Clouds in Boone


Incredible Night Sky in Boone

Boone – Gorgeous in the Gloaming…


One of the things I love so much about Boone are the skies – the clouds of such beauty, mood and personality!

Winter Thoughts in Boone…

I find at 58 years old that winters tend to drag along a little longer and my spirit withers under some lugubrious languor.  Been happening the last couple three years I’m thinking but I strive to recognize it for its natural rhythm and try to embrace it.  There are beautiful things in winter, not the least of which I believe are the feelings we follow in our soul as the Earth traces its celestial trajectory between solstices.  Life is such an exquisite mystery and irreducible wonder that it seems silly to waste too much time meandering in this miasma of melancholy.  It doesn’t take any effort at this age to recognize the great gift of life and how fleeting – as we watch numerous friends succumb and depart.  The transient nature of life makes me thankful for each day to breathe the air and see the beauty in each moment.  Reflecting over the better part of a lifetime behind reminds me of the importance of our relationships.  Time tells me age gives us wisdom to reflect and appreciate the beauty of each day.  How important to be grateful for every day.  How winter is as beautiful as summer.  How others’ orneriness may only emanate from a lack of felt love.  The wonder of watching your kids find their gifts and blossom like the flowers of spring.  How fine to have friends.  How delightful and remarkable is one more healthy day!  How good it feels to walk the Earth.  The privilege and grace to think and feel.  Pride seems out of place for renters of such majestic faculties.  Gratitude seems to cloak that spirit in more regal raiment.  Today I feel that excruciating beauty – that wonder of winter.

Winter’s Personality in Boone


Another Beautiful Mountain Morning

We’re expecting some of that snow in Boone this morning under those cool low clouds…

Sharon & Alex Up on the Ridge at her Farm near White Top, VA


Sharon & Alex on a cold morning on Foxfire Ridge at her beautiful farm in  southwestern Virginia..