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We Love the High Country.  Living here, we feel deeply connected to the mountains, ourselves, each other – to the Earth – if I can say that without losing credibility.  These mountains convey a distinct sense of place.  You can’t conduct an act as simple as getting in your car without coming into contact with nature.  Simply being outside – over time – begins to seem like communion with natural beauty.  Simply stepping outside engages you with the mountain breeze, clouds scudding across the night sky, fresh, forest fragrance, a gentle snowfall, winter’s wind whipping through the woods and all so often – cloud formations like you would see nowhere else on Earth.  Living in the high country cultivates a deep connection between people and nature.  I happen to believe human beings are made more human by such familiarity.  I think close conference with natural beauty softens us in a way that is wholesome and healing.  I believe it disposes us to be more open to our neighbors and to be better citizens.  I believe in inculcates a healthy humility and greater gratitude for all our good fortune and the splendor that surrounds us.  It reminds us that such fortune is fleeting and that such wonders as our healthy and the beauty surrounding us are not ours to enjoy forever.  There is a limit and it’s fitting to treasure these wonders while we can.

So we’re grateful to work in such splendor.  Time in the mountains is a great gift and we enjoy a daily relationship with them.  Like any relationship we see the daily vicissitudes of personality.  Without sounding entirely schizophrenic it becomes a kind of conversation – one that deepens with listening.  The mountains express themselves in different languages.  Some days they speak wind.  Sometimes they talk to us in levels of light.  The trees are ambassadors of mood and sentiment as they tower, flow, rustle, leaf, color and shed while amplifying changes in weather.  What can match the grandeur of clouds in their infinite forms and astounding moods.  I think none match them in their evening wear when silvery and glistening, they dance across the moon in celestial magnificence.  And all of this in front of the glistening stars…

So it is with profound gratitude we rise to work each day with the tall poplars and oaks soaring above.  A glance out the bedroom window tells me the weather will reminds us once again of the miracle of our atmosphere.  The wonder of our temperate rainforest creates another magnificent day of natural beauty in towering, roving cloud formations.  I embrace another day of brilliant sunshine and fragrant mountain breezes.  It is a gift to share the the mountains with friends.  It’s an honest and fulfilling way of earning one’s livelihood.  It feels like noble work and I’m thankful to do it.  Come join us in the mountains and I bet you’ll feel the same way!