Top 10 Swimming Holes around Boone NC

Boone has always been a haven to escape the hot hearth that the southeast becomes in the summer time. Over the past week it’s been exceptionally warm in Boone, NC. Cool off by visiting one of the top 10 swimming holes in the high country! You’ll be amazed at the quiet, hidden, natural beauty of these hitherto undisclosed mountain marvels. Formed by the pure headwaters of the Blue Ridge, they all form pools perfect for frolicking in their cool waters. Most are accompanied by dramatic waterfalls that lend a soothing ambience to your experience as you rejuvenate your soul in nature. Perhaps an unanticipated benefit is seeing such enormous, gorgeous rocks studding the streams. We hope you enjoy this passage into the sublime brought to you by nature itself. Come revel this summer in our pristine mountains. Please feel free to leave a comment if you want to share other swimming holes around Boone, NC. These swimming holes are listed in order of proximity to Boone, closest to furthest. Have fun and be safe out there!

Hound Ears Dam (Boone Beach)

Hound Ears Dam is a popular swimming hole right outside of Boone, NC. Also known as “Boone Beach”, this popular spot is sure to bring in rowdy crowds all summer long. If you’re looking for convenience, look no further.

Hebron Rock Colony

Hebron Rock Colony is a fantastic area with personal swimming holes scattered among the Boone Fork Creek. This location is more for soaking in the natural tubs and laying out on the rocks as opposed to all out swimming.

Trash Can Falls

Trash Can Falls has been a long time favorite among Boone locals. It’s a pretty small area with a single swimming hole. If you’re the adventurous type, Trash Can Falls has a few gnarly jumps that are sure to get your adrenaline levels up.

Snake Pit

Snake Pit is right across Hwy 321 from Trash Can Falls on the Watauga River. This swimming hole is big enough to accommodate plenty of folks. Enjoy sunbathing on the big boulders while watching your friends play in the Watauga River

The New Hole

The New Hole is a popular destination on the New River. It’s mostly used as a “put-in” spot for tubing, canoeing or kayaking but it’s also a great place to swim. This section of the New River is quite deep which is why it’s a nice swimming hole.

Elk River Falls

Elk River Falls is a popular waterfall destination due to the impressive falls, short approach and easy access. There is a large pool at the bottom of the falls that makes for excellent swimming. This swimming hole is great for the entire family!

Compression Falls (Twisting Falls or Twisted Falls)

Compression Falls is a popular waterfall/swimming hole with one of the best water slides around. Think 30-40ft waterfall slide into a deep pool of refreshing mountain water. Located on the Elk River, this waterfall is a must see.

Gragg Prong

Gragg Prong is a super cool swimming hole on Lost Cove Creek. The approach is very scenic and offers multiple primitive campsite along the way. It’s definitely worth a trip to check out this natural wonder!

Harper’s Creek Falls

Harper’s Creek Falls is amazing, period. With two humongous pools, gorgeous waterfalls and awesome primitive camping, this destination is a no-brainer. Go see why it’s worth the hour drive from Boone, NC!

Steele Creek Falls

Steele Creek Falls is a bit more remote than the previous holes but it’s worth the trek. You’ll be rewarded with incredible scenery and a killer swimming hole. One look at the “kettles” and you’ll never want to leave.

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Please help keep North Carolina clean and green. If you pack it in, pack it out. If you see trash at these swimming holes please pick it up and dispose of it properly. It’s a privilege to have access to these beautiful spots and this privilege can be taken away from us. Practice leaving no trace.
Boone Real Estate assumes no liability associated with visiting these waterholes. Boone Real Estate is not responsible for personal injury during these visits, damage to personal property (including towing of vehicles), and any illegal acts committed by visitors (including littering). By viewing this webpage you agree to exempt Boone Real Estate from any liability that may arise from your visiting these swimming holes.
Every year people die from visiting waterfalls. Use extreme caution when hiking, scrambling, jumping, swimming or walking around the waterfalls. The rock and trails are usually very slippery and wet. It’s very easy to get hurt so use your best judgement when visiting these swimming holes. Be safe out there!
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  3. Do not park at Hebron Damn or Boone Beach. They have both been shut down and they do tow. Hebron Rock Colony is only accessable by Price Park now also. Do not park on Old Turnpike or Shulls Mill

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