First day of Fall y’all

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First day of Fall y'all
First day of Fall y’all #firstdayoffall #fallinlovewiththemountains #fallinboonenc #nofilter #boone #boonenc #boonerealestate

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Nice Day to be on the Parkway

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Nice Day to be on the Parkway
Nice Day to be on the Parkway #boonerealestate #blueridgeparkway #boone #blowingrock #nofilter

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Boone, NC: A View From Above


Boone, NC and Appalachian State University at dusk.

As Realtors in Boone, NC we’re constantly traversing the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  From time to time we come across properties that offer such unique perspectives of the town we love – Boone, NC.  Here you can see the lights of ASU and Boone, NC  on a cold evening in early March.  Living in Boone, NC is living the dream.  I encourage you to take the plunge and come experience it for yourself!

Snow Update: Big Snow in Boone, NC

Tonight we are expecting the largest amount of snow Boone has received in several years. In anticipation of the harsh weather to come, grocery shelves have been cleared, though snow has hardly accumulated with the sun in the sky. Now, settled in by the cozy wood stove, we wait to see what nature has planned for the evening. The snow is falling faster, with little wind to alter its path. Awaiting the forecasted 6-10+ inches, I will hunker down with the rest of Boone, enjoying a taste of winter, at last.

Guest Post by Sara





Snowing in Boone, NC!


We’re supposed to get between one and six inches today.  It has just started and the flakes are big.  Snow days in Boone are a good chance to catch up on some administrative duties.  One of the beauties of living in Boone, North Carolina is the opportunity to experience the full range of seasons.  Here we get the beauty of a winter snow storm without the incessant below-zero weather of my native Chicago.  It melts off quickly in the strong southern sun.  And because of the mountains, when the summer comes we avoid the sweltering heat of the southeast.  I personally think Boone, North Carolina is the perfect place to live.  Come visit us and see for yourself!

Mountain Fun with our Dog, Alex…


One thing I love about the mountains near Boone is walking around in the snow with our dog, Alex in the winter.  The high country is so fresh and invigorating all year long, but to me especially so in the depths of winter.  I think the mountains keep you young by embracing their beauty.and getting your daily exercise.  I lived in the city too long but now I know the bounty I have in the beautiful high country.  somewhere sometime I must have done something right and I’m certainly grateful for the opportunity to live in such a gorgeous environment.  Goodness knows I love the mountains around Boone, North Carolina!

Sunset over Boone, NC


Another beautiful ending to a High Country day.  Looking up at the sky we said it was too beautifully blue and the white clouds too pink in the sunset glow to be real.  But that’s what happens in the mountains  – we find magic!  There’s no day that’s not exquisitely beautiful in the high country and western North Carolina.

Spring Morning in Boone, NC


Another morning in the temperate rainforest – sunrise at 6:45 and 58°!  A beautiful, cool shining morning after last night’s storms.  The leaves on my 200-year-old red oak are wet and brilliant this morning in their robust green of spring.  Birds are chirping, the air is most and rain-clean and it makes you grateful to be alive.  That’s one moment in Boone, NC.  Think I’ll take Alex, the dog on a couple mile loops around the neighborhood.

Another Beautiful Morning in Boone, NC


Here is the view I see every morning in Boone, NC.  If you find this as beautiful as we do, we can introduce you to some gorgeous Boone, NC real estate.  In fact you can search for it yourself at .  Come experience the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, NC today!

Winter’s Personality in Boone


Another Beautiful Mountain Morning

We’re expecting some of that snow in Boone this morning under those cool low clouds…