Compression Falls (Twisting Falls)

Compression Falls (Twisting Falls or Twisted Falls)

Compression Falls is a popular waterfall/swimming hole with one of the best water slides around. Think 30-40ft waterfall slide into a deep pool of refreshing mountain water. Located on the Elk River, this waterfall is a must see.
Proximity from Boone: 1 Hour.
More Info: Compression Falls has become popular in the last 5 years. The main attraction is sliding off the 40ft waterfall into the large pool below. If you slide off make sure you lean back when sliding so you don’t do a belly flop! Also, the trail to get on top of the waterfall is very sketchy. Several people have been severely injured from slipping off the side. Be careful!
Parking: Parking lot located off Dark Ridge Rd past old barn on right.
Approach: Heinous 1 mile hike. Extremely steep. Use caution.
Camping: No.

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