Riverstone Townhome SOLD on Eli Hartley Dr

Boone Real Estate is proud to sell this gorgeous Riverstone Townhome.  It was the first re-sale and we’re happy to sell it at 99% of asking price!  If you have a property you need to sell you can count on Boone Real Estate to produce results!

Click on this link to search all Riverstone Condos/Townhomes for sale.

Riverstone Townhome Sold (First Re-sale!)

Riverstone Townhome Sold (First Re-sale!)

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Mountain Fun in the Snow


Meet Alex the Dog up on the ridge at Sharon’s Farm looking out toward Iron Mountain near Whitetop and Mount Rogers.  We had around nine inches and Alex loved the camouflage!  Winter is beautiful in the mountains.

Picture of the Snowfall Today


Perfect snow day in Boone, NC

I think Log Cabins look the best in the snow!  Here’s a photo I took right out my front door this morning.  It snowed 8-9 inches in Blowing Rock in roughly 15 hours.  I love lounging next to the wood stove with a fresh blanket of snow covering the ground outside.  Perfect day in the High Country.

Joel Selling Real Estate in the Snow!

Joel Farthing on the phone selling property in the snow!

Joel Farthing on the phone selling property in the snow!

Here Joel Farthing is talking on the phone selling real estate in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Boone, NC! If you want to buy a beautiful mountain property give him a call at (828) 773-3384. Not a bad view from the mobile office!  We love the High Country!

Snow Update: Big Snow in Boone, NC

Tonight we are expecting the largest amount of snow Boone has received in several years. In anticipation of the harsh weather to come, grocery shelves have been cleared, though snow has hardly accumulated with the sun in the sky. Now, settled in by the cozy wood stove, we wait to see what nature has planned for the evening. The snow is falling faster, with little wind to alter its path. Awaiting the forecasted 6-10+ inches, I will hunker down with the rest of Boone, enjoying a taste of winter, at last.

Guest Post by Sara





Frost Line on Tater Hill

Striped Frost Line on Tater Hill - Zionville, NC

Striped Frost Line on Tater Hill – Zionville, NC

It’s not everyday you get to see frost formations like this on Tater Hill.  At roughly 4000 ft elevation, the clouds and fog stick to the branches of the trees and leave a trace of white behind.  How cool is it to live in the High Country?

Frosty Trees in Eagles Nest in Banner Elk Today!


It was majestic driving up into Eagles Nest in Banner Elk this morning.  All the trees were glazed with a beautiful rime ice.  It’s such a peculiar and rare event that it almost makes you feel like you’re on a different planet.  The effect is truly mesmerizing.  It seems like every day in the mountains there’s another unique experience to celebrate.

Showing in the Snow

Showing Echota Condos in the Snow

Showing Echota Condos in the Snow

One of the coolest parts of my job is being out in the elements every season, every year.  Here I am in Echota showing condos in the snow.  We were the only ones around and I remember how calm and serene the scenery was.  It was a very fun day showing condos in Boone, NC!

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One of the Most Fickle Females in my Life..


Her name is Kitty Kane Cat and she has a mind of her own but definitely enjoys human company and affection.  She doesn’t talk which after a day in real estate can be a comfort.  But she lets me know immediately if she’s unhappy.  She is rarely a bad kitty and never catty or contumacious.  With the amount Sharon travels, Kitty Kane is becoming a dominant female figure in my life, as scratchy as that may seem…