Awesome Clients, Awesome Land!


Nothing is better than walking beautiful mountain land with great people.  Here’s to enjoying high country living, cheers!

One Way We Enjoy the High Country!

Dad turned 59 this past Sunday so I decided to take him climbing for his birthday.  Here we are hanging off the anchors of Edge of a Dream at Shiprock, right above the Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was a spectacular afternoon with temperatures in the mid 60’s.  If you’re into the outdoors, we can show you property around Boone, NC that will take your breath away.

Horse Property in Todd, NC

Are you in the market for 10 acres of pristine horse property?  188 Bernard Bledsoe in Todd could be exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether you’re wanting a flat tract with fertile soil for a big garden or just a beautiful pasture land to build your dream house, this land is worth looking at.  At Boone Real Estate we know good property when we see it.  Give us a call and we’ll go walk this awesome mountain land today.

Capone’s – “Untouchable” Pizza, Boone NC

Capone’s is the hands down the best pizza in Boone, NC. At Boone Real Estate we love to support local business and Capone’s is no exception. Their slogan is “Untouchable Pizza” and you’ll be convinced after one slice. Capone’s also sports a vast array of beers on draft and in the bottle. Don’t miss their $2.oo Tuesday where every beer is $2.00. It’s a untouchable deal! They also offer great lunch specials ($5.95 for a one-topping personal pizza, side salad & drink). So what are you waiting for? Go to Capone’s today, tell ’em Boone Real Estate sent you 🙂

Linville Falls, North Carolina

What a gorgeous weekend it was in the High Country!  On Sunday we went to Linville Falls, possibly the most beautiful waterfall around Boone, NC.  This shot is taken from the start of the massive falls.  If you hike below you can see the big falls tumbling down the mountain.  If you’ve never been to Linville Falls, I highly recommend the trip.  It’s a great way to spend a few hours of your vacation with your family in Boone, NC.

Directions:  Linville Falls is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Mile Post 316.3.  It’s in between the intersections of 221/Blue Ridge Parkway and NC 181/Blue Ridge Parkway.  If driving on NC Hwy 221 from Boone, take a left on NC Hwy 183 and continue for a 2-3 minutes and take a right on a gravel road.  Follow the signs and after about a mile the parking lot will be on the left.

Trail Access:  There are two primary hiking trails that lead to the falls.  We recommend Erwin’s View, a 1.6 mile round trip trail.  Both trails are very well groomed and maintained.  Erwin’s View is a moderate trail that is mostly flat with a few hills.

Adorable Robin Fledglings in their Nest

What a serene morning on the first day of June in the Appalachian Mountains.  Spring is here and this birds nest is bubbling with activity.   These Robin fledglings are just as excited about spring as we are!  It’s a beautiful time to be in the high country.  Birds chirping, grass growing, cool breeze…it just doesn’t get any better than this!

A Great Weekend to be on Watauga Lake!

Watauga Lake is one of the most beautiful destinations in the high country.  If you’ve been here before you know it’s a special place.  The Appalachian Mountains encompass the refreshing waters and make you feel like you’re in Hawaii.  If you get a chance to visit Boone, NC we highly recommend a day out on Watauga Lake.

Time to Start Your Garden!

The scarecrows are out and the gardens are planted in Boone, NC.  The rich mountain soil provides tasty fruits and vegetables by the time harvest roles around.  Let’s hope the scarecrows do their job and allow a plentiful harvest this year!

“Grilling Out” Weather in Boone

This time of year is great for grilling out in the high country!  It’s downright comfortable in the evenings with the temperature in the low 60’s.  In Boone you’ll enjoy low humidity and hardly any mosquitos at night.  Come up and enjoy the clean mountain air with us!

Less than 30 minutes from the office…

Yesterday I got off early and went out to Shiprock, a mountain near the viaduct off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  What a pleasure it is to be minutes away to such a gorgeous landscape.  It’s less than 30 minutes from our office at Boone Real Estate to Shiprock.  How cool is that?

Fog in a Temperate Rainforest – Boone, NC

Yesterday was a drizzly day in the mountains of Boone, NC.  This picture was taken off the deck of a house located in Todd, NC.  You can see that Boone is truly in a temperate rainforest.  We average about 4.4 inches of rain per month and that is why we have so many exotic plants and animals in the high county.  It’s truly a remarkable place.  We’ve lived in Boone for 18 years and we’ll help you find that perfect home in Boone, NC.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you mom!  I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you.  

I took these photos this Mother’s day morning after talking to my mom on the phone. These photos attempt to convey the beauty of her motherly love. I wish I was with her today. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

A Beautiful Weekend in the Linville Gorge

In my opinion the best part of the high country is getting out and exploring the wonder the wilderness has to offer.  I took this picture from Hawksbill, literally hanging off the side of a mountain.  The trees are so alive this time of year.  If you look closely you can see the Linville River which runs all the way down into Lake James, right outside of Morganton.  Boone is  the center of the high country;  Within 30 minutes you can be in Ashe County, Banner Elk, Linville, Bethel…the list goes on and on.  If you’re looking for the most beautiful area in the Appalachian Mountains, look no further than Boone, NC.

Want to Live Close to Boone?

We specialize in selling homes in Boone, NC and we are certainly passionate about all of our featured properties.  We absolutely love it when we list homes that are located within 5 minutes to downtown Boone.  There is something very special about living downtown.  You’re just so close to the best that Boone has to offer.  Earthfare supermarket, Daniel Boone Inn Restaurant, King St, The Mast General Store, Footsloggers, you name it!  Take for example the house in the picture above.  It’s located on Tall Timber Trail, a private neighborhood just minutes from King St.  The best thing about this home is how much usable land there is surrounding the home.  In Boone it’s extremely rare to have a flat yard where your kids can play and your dogs can roam.  I’ve seen a lot of houses in this area and I can tell you that you won’t find this kind of privacy this close to town.  We just listed this house yesterday and I can tell you it won’t be on the market for long.  Another quality home for sale in downtown Boone by Boone Real Estate!

155 Tall Timber Trail, Boone, NC 28607

Peony Blooming

Here’s a picture I took this morning of a vibrant Peony down at the Headwaters of the Adkin right outside of Blowing Rock, NC.  The Headwaters is a elegant subdivision off Blackberry Rd.  There is no doubt that spring is in full effect down there.  Flowers are bursting with color and basking in the sun.  If you’re coming up 321 towards Blowing Rock, Blackberry Rd is on the right as soon as the the road switches to two lanes.  Feel free to check out the Headwaters on your next visit to Boone.  Oh spring, how I’ve missed you so!

Looking for your mountain dream home?  Have you considered living at the Headwaters of the Adkin?  Here’s a beautiful mountain house near Blowing Rock that we have listed.

Incredible Foreclosure in Boone, NC – 99,900!

Are you looking for a steal in Boone, NC?  Look no further!  This foreclosure simple can’t be beat.  At 99,900, it’s going to sell very quickly.  3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1400 sq ft!  Want to be close to Boone, you got it.  This house is located on the appalcart route, 2.5 miles from Campus, a 5 minute drive.  If you’re looking for the perfect rental property foreclosure in Boone, NC, stop looking and give us a call today!

Click to find out more about this Foreclosure in Boone NC

Boone Weather

Property in Boone NC

After a long week of work, I love nothing more than going out and enjoying the mountains.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago on Easter day, way down in the Lost Creek development, off of 221 south of Blowing Rock.  The mountains of North Carolina are so exquisite.  This picture doesn’t do any justice to how magnificent these falls really are.   Sometimes it’s hard not to take it for granted.  Being surrounded by constant beauty and ever changing weather is a way of life in Boone.

Just yesterday I awoke to a brilliant blue sky.  By noon, it clouded up and the winds started howling at 20+ miles per hour.  Just an hour later the wind died off and the sun came out.  Well, that didn’t last…  By 3:00pm, the winds picked up again and it started snowing!  I couldn’t believe it!  There’s an expression people have in Boone that says “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”.  This statement couldn’t be more true!  This is just one aspect of high country living that I cherish.  The constant change of the atmosphere is so unique, unlike any other place I’ve lived.  If you’re looking for a rich mountain experience, come see us at Boone Real Estate.

Beautiful Log Cabin in Boone, NC!

Beatiful Cabin off of Friendship Churd Rd

It’s not everyday you run across a log cabin this beautiful and close to town!  We listed this property on Friendship Church Rd a few days ago.  If you’re looking for a great investment, look no further.  This log cabin has great vacation rental history.  It’s a 4BR, 3.5 BA so there’s plenty of room for the entire family.  For more information, click on this Log Cabin in Boone NC.

Boone NC: Mountains with Character

The Appalachian Mountains were formed roughly 480 million years ago (wikipedia).  Needless to say, these mountains are old!  You can see the new growth as spring creeps up the blue ridge mountains.  It’s best if you can get to the top of a big mountain like Grandfather Mountain or Beech Mountain.  It’s just as breathtaking as the vibrant colors of fall in the high country.  If you haven’t seen this natural phenomenon yet, add it to your bucket list!

Azaleas Blooming Early in Boone

Spring has come a bit early this year in the high country.  Here’s a beautiful picture of an azalea bush right outside of our house.  A friend told me that this azalea has bloomed six weeks earlier than normal!  It’s looking like a promising year for gardening around Boone, NC.  If you haven’t start yet, it’s time to get outside with a shovel!  Hope you all are able to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.